MsBrom.Com offers writing, proofreading and editing services, publicity,  online English language writing tutoring Morristown area

Workshops and/or in-class residencies are available at your public school, private school, or organization on the following topics:

Playwriting:  Elementary, Middle School or High School levels

Explore how to write original pieces including monologues, dialogues, and scenes either individually or with partners.  

  •      Writing can center on  THEMES in your school's  curriculum
  •      Writing can center on present NOVELS being taught

Communicate with Confidence: Elementary, Middle School or High School Levels, Community Organizations

  • ​Learn and practice effective delivery techniques to improve public speaking skills
  • Explore PERSUASIVE STRATEGIES to enhance content and win over an audience
  • Receive feedback to enhance ability

Understand the Holocaust through an exploration of the Performing Arts: Elementary, Middle School or High School Levels, Community Organizations

  • Elementary level:  readers theater, poetry, and art will assist children in better understanding the themes of the Holocaust.

  • Middle School level: Creative writing pieces and/dramatic readings will asset children in better comprehending the theme of the Holocaust.

  • High School level:  Through a review of selections previous read or new literary selections, students will use PLAYWRITING and the writing of MONOLOGUES, DIALOGUES, and SCENE STUDY as a basis for understanding the themes of the Holocaust.


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  • ​ Creative Workshops in the Performing Arts
  •  In-school Residencies in the Performing Arts