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Writing services:   musical reviews, concert reviews

creative writing, playwriting, and publicity,

editing and proofreading services

  • ​ Creative Workshops in the Performing Arts
  •  In-school Residencies in the Performing Arts

MsBrom.Com offers writing, proofreading and editing services, publicity,  online English language writing tutoring Morristown area

Additional services include:

  • Online English instruction

  • writing tutoring Morristown area

  • Fun workshops for kids in speech and theater arts

​Shelley Bromberg, M.A., MsBrom.Com

  • Online assistance: Writing, English
  • ​​Writer   
  • Publicity
  • English and Theatre home schooling
  • tutoring, Morristown area
  • ​online English language assistance
  • Creative Workshops in the Performing Arts

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Online English Language 


Writing tutoring, online

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Writing services offered:

  •  interviews,  features and promotional pieces
  • Writing the COLLEGE ESSAY
  • theatrical and musical reviews
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Press releases
  • Website Copywriting
  • Speech writing
  • Online English assistance
  • Theater and writing workshops